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Analysis and Functional Theory



Department of Analysis and Functional Theory  




Prof. Neşe DERNEK                

(Head of Department) 

Phone: 1213

Room Number: GZFC001

e-mail: ndernek



 Assoc. Prof. Faruk UÇAR

 Phone: 1121

 Room Number: GZFA005

 e-mail: fucar



 Assist. Prof. Halil İbrahim ÇELİK

 Phone: 1220

 Room Number: GZFA002

 e-mail: hicelik




  Assist. Prof. Nilgün YILDIZ 

  Phone: 1129

  e-mail: ncelebi




 Research Assist. Suat KOÇ

 Phone: 1119

 Room Number: GZFA019

 e-mail: suat.koc

*it should be added @marmara.edu.tr at the end of the e-mail addresses

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