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The second Marmara Mathematics Days (MMG 2016) was held between October 6-7, 2016 with the participation of students and distinguished mathematicians

Programme in MMG 2016 as follows:


6 October 2016


 10.15: Prof.  İsmail Güloğlu---About the action of Automorphism Groups with TI-centralizers

 11.20: Prof.  Muhammed Uludağ---The outer automorphism of PGL(2,Z) and the induced 'modular'involution of the real line (joint work with Hakan Ayral)

 13.30: Prof. Salim Yüce---Kinematics in Euclidean and non-Euclidean Planes

 14.35: Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Taylan Şengül---Pattern formation and dynamic transitions in fluids



 7 Ekim 2016 Cuma


  10.00: Prof. Dr. Uğur Dursun---Submanifolds of Pseudo-Riemannian Space Forms with Finite Type generalized Gauss Map

  11.05: Doç. Dr. Dursun Üstündağ---Inverse problems and applications

  13.30: Doç. Dr. Songül Esin---Prime ideals and intersection of prime ideals in Leavitt path algebras


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 Some photos from the event:






 Prof.  İsmail Güloğlu--About the action of Automorphism Groups with TI-centralizers



 Dr. Emel A. Uğurlu, Prof. H. Nurettin Ergun & Prof. İsmail Güloğlu




Prof. Muhammed Uludağ--The outer automorphism of PGL(2,Z) and the induced 'modular'involution of the real line (joint work with Hakan Ayral)




Prof. Muhammed Uludağ--Assoc. Prof. Faruk Uçar



Prof. Salim Yüce--Kinematics in Euclidean and non-Euclidean Planes



Prof. Salim Yüce--Assoc. Prof. Hülya Bağdatlı Yılmaz




Assoc. Prof. M. Taylan Şengül--Pattern formation and dynamic transitions in fluids




 Assoc. Prof. M. Taylan Şengül--Assist. Prof. Füsun Nurcan




Prof. Uğur Dursun--Submanifolds of Pseudo-Riemannian Space Forms with Finite Type generalized Gauss Map



 Prof. Uğur Dursun



Prof. Uğur Dursun--Assoc. Prof. Hülya Bağdatlı Yılmaz



 Assoc. Prof. Dursun Üstündağ--Inverse Problems and Applications



Assoc. Prof. Dursun Üstündağ--Assist. Prof. Halil İbrahim Çelik



Assoc. Prof. Songül Esin--prime ideals and intersection of prime ideals in Leavitt path algebras




Assoc. Prof. Songül Esin--Assist. Prof. Füsun Nurcan


 MMG 2016






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